Nine StandOut Roles

A brief history of StandOut®

  • In 2011, The Marcus Buckingham Company created the StandOut® strengths assessment. To date it has been completed by more than 750,000 people— and used as the centerpiece for the Talent practices of many thousands of organizations, both in the US and internationally.
  • Marcus used his two decades of research expertise, and learnings from his leading role in the creation of StrengthsFinder, to develop StandOut®the next-gen strengths assessment.
  • In 2015 Harvard Business Review published StandOut 2.0 a book which helps you learn more about your unique strengths profile.
  • Marcus is now finding ways to bring the strengths message to more people.

All of your StandOut strengths assessment questions are answered here.  Already taken the StandOut® strengths assessment and want to access your report again? Click here.